Beyond the Circular

by The Machinery of Other Skeletons

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released 11 July 2014

The Machinery of Other Skeletons is:
Brian Murdock: guitar
Ivan Belcic: vocals
Hans von Meister: bass
Sam Gregory: drums
Maomao: guitar

All music and lyrics by The Machinery of Other Skeletons

Drum programming by Hans von Meister, Sam Gregory and Ivan Belcic
Bass recorded by Hans von Meister
Guitars recorded by Brian Murdock
Vocals recorded at Rolling Studio and engineered by Laura Ingalls
Mixed and mastered by Hans von Meister




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Track Name: Caged
Days blur together, punctuated by stabs of seeming meaning
I stand motionless while time drags its feet
A static pillar, rooted by inertia
I am a tepid waste of my own talents
A black hole siphon, a ceaseless Charybdis

Awake to waste another day, frozen
I can’t lift my face to the sun

Gazing outward only breeds resentment
As the achievements of others fuel my self-loathing
The harshness of this existence is itself a joke
I am unacquainted with sacrifice
I am a false construction
A fragile collage, a sham colossus

Trapped by my resistance to the new
I’ve crippled my attempt at becoming
One who could forge my way, break the cage

Raised to think I could conquer,
I instead learned to hide
Pretending I’m something,
I instead wait to die
Perched forever rejecting,
I instead fortify
Track Name: Enervate
Martyr down. Now they see light.
Let wire owls round in the starred eyes.
Hold beneath creeping fingertips
And wait, silent visions are nigh.

Rise! Reign, unselfish demigod
Lions burn in the pit
Iron demigod of us all, rebuild
All us, here in the pit

Awake, I will compel all the living
Pour the unborn, toiling in servitude
The broken and weary
Winding down

In smoke and unknown, untold and baleful
Everyone after the war carries the signal

When we obey, we will forfeit
Track Name: Boss Fight
Alone in my mind
Blood painted hands playing with pieces of victims and knives
Am I laughing or are those echoes of screams?

Another night
Another bloodlust quenched
How long before voices demand more to sacrifice?

A moment washes over me
A brief moment of sanity
Will I end this madness?
Will I return to darkness?

The sun is a stranger
Putrid stench overwhelming me
Suddenly I can't see anything
Only headless clowns and broken animals

My visions pause, and my mouth tastes the cold steel of the barrel

A moment washes over me
A brief moment of sanity
Will I end this madness?
Will I return to darkness?

Another night
Another bloodlust quenched
How long before voices demand more blood for sacrifice?
Track Name: MQB
Do you remember the revenant?
He who wrote his own name
Downcast and antiquated
Our cunning forbearer

Amaranth flotilla
You’ve got a lot to burn
A spinning compass fails
A hidden voice cries out

You’re asking for too much
It’s not my war
Beyond the circular
Static remedies sleep

Tearing through sutured skin
A haloed being swims
Batten down to battered ground
Focused forewarning

I am the defector
I stand my ground
Stay back and watch it burn

Spine of the lost
Serves as iron keel
Track Name: Blackness
Rise with the dusk
My insides wracked with pain
The beast in me gnaws, this craving must be obeyed
Incessant, it drives me
Pushing me out into the blackness

In stealth I stalk
A child of night
I can taste it
Only it sustains me

Stick to the dark
The shadows embrace me
I’m forever one with the night
Can’t clear my head
Awash in the scent of blood
Its tendrils ensnare and entrance me

Feel my embrace!
I must have your life
Melt in my arms
I’ll go on living tonight

I’ll empty her veins tonight
To quell the beast inside of me